Thursday, 15 August 2013

Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial

By Ash Bennett - Google +

A new celebrity inspired beauty treatment has hit beauty salons across the country after Kim Kardashian was
vampire facial
spotted getting a Platelet-rich Plasma Facial, more commonly known as a ‘vampire facial’. 

This treatment claims to remove bags from under the eyes and smooth out any wrinkles for the appearance of looking 10 years younger.

To start this procedure, you firstly need to get blood taken from your arm. The practitioner then centrifuges the blood to separate out the plasma and platelets from the red blood cells. The next step is to add the platelet-rich plasma back into your face through tiny needles.

In our younger days our skin was filled with collagen, yet as you get older the levels of collagen in your skin starts to reduce. This new vampire facial is believed to boost the production of collagen and smooth the skin for a more youthful complexion. 

However, in recent news people have been getting these injections done too close to their eyes, which has left large dark bruising. It is warned not to go anywhere near the eyes with this treatment, yet some practitioners have been pushing the boundaries, leaving people injured, unhappy and self-conscious.

It is not right that due to the negligence of a practitioner that you should suffer from injury and embarrassment. You should contact a professional beauty treatment solicitors firm and see if they can help you claim compensation.   

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Body Piercing Shockers

I have to admit, I have been drawn in by the new explosive craze that is, body piercing! My Dad used to call me some what of a 'rebel', as I myself was no stranger to the piercing chair that has took many victims over the years.

In 2008 alone over 78% of people were having places pierced that I didn't even know existed! And why is that I hear you ask? Well, trend is probably the biggest form of reasoning as to why people today are getting numerous body piercings. Not to mention free expression, personal empowerment, and just simply because they want to.

Glamorization of body piercings in the media has sparked interest in all those that follow celebrity style and fashion. Piercing have became a media sensation, as piercing artist, Jared Isenberg said, “Rock starts and MTV are a big influence on my clients.” .Others seek out body piercings as a way to show individualism (hmm, not sure piercings will make you stand out now-a-days.

What about the risk of infection?
Over time, the NHS service has spent £1.5 million each year due to body piercing injuries. They may look nice, but a lot of care and attention is needed. Our bodies’ natural reaction to a break in the skin is to void the gap by growing fresh skin to fill it. However, in the process of healing, if the piercing is to get infected then the hole will never heal properly, leading to scaring and in some cases permanent deformities. 

These holes in the body are susceptible to accumulating bacteria and infection.The piercer must make sure that all their equipment is pristine before they even think about putting it near your body! If dirty needles or piercing guns are used, bacterial infections can ultimately lead to serious diseases of the blood, including hepatitis B or C, tetanus and even HIV, but in most extreme circumstances, can lead to death. 

My experiences with different piercings

     Age 14 - Time to get my ears pierced!
At that age I was still very immature and did not look after my ears piercings at all. I was constantly play-fighting with my younger brother, until one day- OUCH! One had been ripped clean from my ears! I had to have 4 stitches in my right ear, yet did not learn and now I have them pierced for a second time.

    Age 16 - Belly button piercing!
When I was 16 I wanted to get my belly button pierced, so I did. I did no research into belly button piercings, and it turns out I am highly allergic to gun metal (the type of metal used to make the navel stud that my local piercing studio uses) Three days later my whole stomach swelled up, I couldn’t use the piercing solution to keep it clean because it would burn every time it went near my piercing. I eventually had to grit my teeth and bared the pain of take the belly button piercing out. (And believe me it hurt!) 

    Age 17 - Nose piercing!
So I went back to the same local piercing studio to have them pierce my nose with the same gun metal studs! (I would never learn!) Few days later and the same scenario- it was being taken out due to infection, pain and irritation. (What a waste of £35 that was!) So a few months later I think its about time I gave nose piercings another shot! Within a few hours I has ripped my nose piercing out whilst getting dry after a shower and have left a perminent scar now on my nose.

You would think i'd give up by now!... but no!

   Age 18 - Piercing my belly button a second time!

18 years old this time and I wanted my belly button pierced again. Had the piercing (in a different studio this time- no gun metal in sight) and they did a great job! I was so pleased with the result as I was going on holiday with my friends. Thinking it was a good idea, I went on a mechanical bull ride anddddd.... the piercing ripped straight from my belly button, blood everywhere and I fainted in the middle of a drunken crowd. (Embarrassing and painful) Ended up with stitches, yet again!

Last piercing, I swear!

   Age 19 - Rim piercing!

With my track record of being prone to injury, infection and dodgy piercings you would think I could just learn my lesson. But finally a piercing that has been a success! 

The moral of the story is: Always research the piercing you wish to get, the person that will do the piercing, and decided if it is the right decision for you. Are you mature enough to handle the responsibility of the thorough cleaning?

Customers have the legal right to expect a complete professional competent service from the body piercing professionals. If this body piercing specialist is negligent and fails in their duty to care for their clients health and wellbeing, then you may be able to claim compensation for a 
body piercing accident.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Ear piercing Infections

Back when I was a teenager, ear piercings were most commonly seen on the lobes. However now-a-days it has become a fashion statement for men, women and teens to have their ears pierced in all kinds of unusual ways and places. In fact, results show that over 86% of people between the ages of 16-24 have more than two different ear piercings – excluding the lobe!

The different ear piercing available today include; Rim, Snug, Conch, Anit-Tragus, Tragus, Lobe, Rook, Diath, and the Inner Pinner. 

When I was younger I had never heard of a single one of these piercing! It is practically common knowledge that piercings can always lead to infection. Hey, as I am writing this blog I am currently suffering infection from a Rim piercing that I got a few months ago.

It is mostly due to the tricky positioning of some of these piercings that bring infection, as people find it extremely hard to keep the piercing dry and clean.

I have also had my lobes pierced 3 times now because I did not listen to the piercer’s instructions. I didn’t used to rinse the piercing in warm salty water, and when getting out the shower I didn’t properly dry it each time. I neglect my piercings which lead to infection.

However third time lucky and I have finally learnt my lesson and kept this on clean and allowed the proper amount of time before changing the ear jewellery.

So from personal experience, make sure you keep all piercings dry and clean as this will lesson your chances of suffering from pain and infection, which more often than not will lead to you having to take your piercing out.

Though, some piercing infections can be caused if the piercer did not properly clean and disinfect the instruments used to pierce your skin.

If this is the case and you get an infection, you should always seek medical and legal advice. For more information about ear piercing infections visit this Beauty Treatment website. They have all the info you need to know and more!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Tongue Piercing Injuries

A tongue piercing is a bodily piercing directly through the center of the tongue. In the western world, the tongue piercing is the most popular piercing site after the ear. 

tongue piercingTongue piercing is becoming more and more popular with today’s young people due to the amount of celebrity influence surrounding the tongue piercing. 


It seems that people are rushing into getting their tongues pierced due to its popularity. Therefore, hardly any research is being done which is most important, as this will specify if you are suitable or not for the piercing, and whether your making the right decision. 

Did you know that a tongue piercing can lead to dental problems? 

According to the International Dental Society (IDS) there is a risk of dental problems when you have a tongue piercing, and a survey shows that a staggering 69% of people with this piercing suffer dental issues!

There is also the issue of not being able to speak properly for the first couple of days after your piercing, though this is more than likely temporary. If your tongue piercing is not placed correctly, you can also suffer from chipped teeth and gum recession, along with others. 

There is also a chance of you ripping the piercing and stretching the hole created, causing pain and injury which virtually always leads to infection. If the piercing is done improperly, you also run the risk of suffering nerve damage. This can range from subtle, extensive or sometimes severe! 

Other side effects include the inability to swallow, breathing difficulties due to swelling, spreading tingling feelings across the tongue, muscle paralysis, infection and numbness. 

The risk of a tongue infection never truly foes away, as some long-term wearers sometimes have to remove the piercing due to a delayed infection. 

Finally, there is a risk of your piercing coming loose and you could in fact swallow the jewellery and possible choke on it! You therefore have to ask yourself, is tongue piercing for you? 

If however the cause of injury and pain from a tongue piercing was due to a negligent practitioner, you should always seek medical and legal advice! 

Check out these Beauty Treatment Solicitors as they have helped many women in the past, including myself, who have fell victim to the inexperience of supposed professionals!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Side Effects of Derma Roller Treatments

Now-a-days, Derma Roller treatments are becoming increasingly more popular in the beauty world. However for some women, this treatment has caused skin damage, injury and infections.

It is very important that your beautician cleans and disinfects the derma rollers properly, as this treatment can carry blood born diseases, as well as the growth of bacteria that can cause disease and infections!

The most serious injuries generally occur when the derma needles are blunt. The sharper they are, the less painful the treatment is. If the needles are blunt this also causes more damage to the skin.

If the derma roller used for your treatment is of poor quality, the cheap metal develops micro hooks under the skin which causes extensive damage and pain to the skin.

Side effects to this treatment include infection, redness, irritation, scabbing and bleeding.

It is important that people know they can make a claim for compensation if they have been injured by a negligent beautician after this treatment. If you have suffered through no fault of your own, you should contact a firm of beauty treatment solicitors who specialise in derma roller injury treatments.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Video of Bikini Waxing Injuries

Bikini waxing seems to be one of the most sought after beauty treatments to date, though the mere thought of it still manages to bring a slight tear to me eye!

video on bikini waxing injuriesIn bathrooms all over Britain, women are trying every stance and position under the sun to reduce the imminent pain of the dreaded bikini wax, though none prevail. It’s still the same old excruciating pain we put ourselves through every 7-8 weeks! 

But more often than not, these waxing experiments usually land you in a sticky situation over at A&E. From rips and torn skin, to burns, irritation and blistering, medics have seen it all! It’s always the best option to seek medical advice, rather than sitting on your bathroom floor, in pain, crying, and embarrassed when your husband runs in to see what all the screaming was about! 

Never mind going to a professional beautician for this treatment either! They too can land you in hospital, as it has been reported that 4 in 15 women are getting scalded with hot wax, having an allergic reaction, or like I said before, in pain and crying!

If a beautician was the cause of your injury, you should always seek legal advice! Check out this video on bikini waxing injuries for more information about whether or not you can make a claim for compensation!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Complaints about Laser Hair Removal Treatments Gone Wrong

In 2010, the Government deregulated the use of lasers, so the majority of clinics and  beauticians offering laser hair removal treatments are no longer subject to oversight from the Care Quality Commission. This means that only a fifth of laser hair removal operators in the UK are licensed, so as you can imagine, there has been a considerable increase in the amount of errors and injuries caused since the deregulation.

Determining a Person’s Suitability for Laser Hair Removal 
ith so many different types of laser hair removal offered at beauty salons and clinics, it is understandable that customers do not fully understand the treatment they are intending to undergo. They then have to rely on the professionalism and skill of the practitioner and laser operator.

Each person should be given a consultation and a check of their medical history to make sure they are a suitable candidate for this treatment. Many laser procedures are not suitable for those with darker, tanned or olive skin for example, as the pigment in the skin can be destroyed by the laser beams along with the hair follicles. This then leaves patches of discolouration on the skin and extreme sensitivity to sunlight.

Burns Injuries from Laser Hair Removal 

The laser beam can cause sever burns to the skin, potentially causing scarring and permanent pigment damage. If your are burnt by laser hair removal, it is not only humiliating for people, in particular those with burns in visible areas of the face, but it can also be excruciating, with blisters and sores that can be very red and irritating. You should always report your burns to the clinic or salon before seeking medical assistance.

If A Complaint About Laser Hair Removal Does Not Work You Can Speak To A Specialist Solicitor

With moderate to severe injuries caused by poorly performed laser hair removal therefore, the victim is best advised to speak to a firm of solicitors offering no win no fee agreements, and specialising in the fast developing beauty and laser treatment industry in the UK. For more information visit this Beauty Treatment Website for more advice.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Eyelash Extension Problems – Damage to Natural Eyelash Hairs

Eyelash extensions are becoming a problem for women in the UK, as these extensions seem to be causing great damage to the natural lashes which can potentially cause permanent damage to the hair follicle and even hindering the re-growth of new eyelashes. 

Eyelash extensions are causing such problems because the extensions themselves are too heavy on the eyelashes. This places great strain on the natural eyelash, so over time the weight and pressure will gradually start to pull the lashes out at the root. Likewise, the adhesive used to attach the extensions can cause too much tension on the lashes if too much is applied, therefore resulting in damage to the hair and roots. 

Adverse Reactions to Adhesive Agents 

Women are now battling with the risk of having an adverse reaction to the bonding agents used in the adhesive to attach the eyelash extensions. If chemicals were to get into your eyes this can cause severe swelling, redness, irritation, blurred vision and pain. 

A skin patch test should always be performed 24 hours prior to a treatment to prevent such instances occurring. If a skin patch test was not offered at the beauty salon and you suffer from an allergic reaction, then this is classed as negligence, and you should be entitled to make a claim against them

The Legal Responsibilities of Beauty Salons & How Our Solicitors Can Help 

Despite the lack of regulation of the beauty treatment industry in the UK, salons and beauty technicians are still expected to carry out the services they offer in a reasonably competent manner. If a client is injured because of their failure to do, they may be held to have acted negligently and be liable to pay compensation. For more information please visit this Beauty Treatment Website.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

How Can I Report A Bad Hairdresser?

Due to the lack of regulation in the hairdressing business, in the UK it is recorded that only 10% of hairdressers are actually registered with the hairdressing council. This means that the vast majority of hair salons are unregistered organisations. 

beauty treatment solicitorsThe easiest way to resolve a problem with a hairdresser is to either; talk to a senior stylist, speak to the salon manager or go to their employer. If you feel you have not had a satisfactory response, then my best advice is to seek legal advice

The Consequences of Botched Hairdressing Procedures 

When injured customers complain to hair salons, the most common response if a free corrective treatment, a refund or offered some of their products for free. This is never good enough for people who have been severely injured, burnt, scarred or suffered hair loss from this beauty salon. Quite often it will cause financial consequences for the injured party, as they will not only have to pay for corrective treatments, but also pay for medical bills and take time off work. 

These are all grounds for you being able to claim compensation if your hair stylist was negligent and failed to carry out your treatment in a competent manner. For more information please visit this Beauty Treatment Website, as they have helped me in the past when I have suffered at the hand of a negligent professional.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Hair Damaged by Relaxer at the Hairdressers

Hair relaxers are creams or lotions that are applied to the roots of naturally curly hair, making it easier for the hairdresser to straighten and style. Hair relaxers “cook” and alter the structure of the hair by damaging the curls in a controlled way. However the toxicity of the chemicals makes this product the most dangerous treatment offered by hair salons. It is therefore crucial that this procedure is carried out by a highly skilled experience hair stylist, otherwise you could end up with extensive hair loss as well as suffering burns to the most sensitive areas of your scalp. 

Hair Damaged by Relaxer if Tests Are Not Carried Out 

It is most important that with all chemical treatments your hair stylist gives you a skin patch test before hand. This will determine whether or not you are suitable for the treatment. Relaxers can be very potent and the containing chemicals are also used to clean drains and thin paint. Therefore a protective base cream made from petroleum jelly must be applied to the skin around the scalp before applying the harsh chemicals. 

Hair Relaxing Damage Can Cause Hair Loss, Baldness & Scarring

If the hair relaxer is left on your hair for too long it may damage the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss and baldness. Your scalp can blister, scab and become red and irritated, not to mention to chance of permanent scarring! The skills and experience of the practitioner is all that stands in the way of this happening, as they can judge whether or not the hair can handle such chemical treatments. 

Whether a procedure has been carried out incompetently, or a salon has failed to carry out a skin patch or hair strand test prior to a treatment, you can and should make a claim against them! For more information please visit this Beauty Treatment Website, as they have helped me in the past when I have suffered at the hand of a negligent professional.