Friday, 22 March 2013

Tongue Piercing Injuries

A tongue piercing is a bodily piercing directly through the center of the tongue. In the western world, the tongue piercing is the most popular piercing site after the ear. 

tongue piercingTongue piercing is becoming more and more popular with today’s young people due to the amount of celebrity influence surrounding the tongue piercing. 


It seems that people are rushing into getting their tongues pierced due to its popularity. Therefore, hardly any research is being done which is most important, as this will specify if you are suitable or not for the piercing, and whether your making the right decision. 

Did you know that a tongue piercing can lead to dental problems? 

According to the International Dental Society (IDS) there is a risk of dental problems when you have a tongue piercing, and a survey shows that a staggering 69% of people with this piercing suffer dental issues!

There is also the issue of not being able to speak properly for the first couple of days after your piercing, though this is more than likely temporary. If your tongue piercing is not placed correctly, you can also suffer from chipped teeth and gum recession, along with others. 

There is also a chance of you ripping the piercing and stretching the hole created, causing pain and injury which virtually always leads to infection. If the piercing is done improperly, you also run the risk of suffering nerve damage. This can range from subtle, extensive or sometimes severe! 

Other side effects include the inability to swallow, breathing difficulties due to swelling, spreading tingling feelings across the tongue, muscle paralysis, infection and numbness. 

The risk of a tongue infection never truly foes away, as some long-term wearers sometimes have to remove the piercing due to a delayed infection. 

Finally, there is a risk of your piercing coming loose and you could in fact swallow the jewellery and possible choke on it! You therefore have to ask yourself, is tongue piercing for you? 

If however the cause of injury and pain from a tongue piercing was due to a negligent practitioner, you should always seek medical and legal advice! 

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