Monday, 25 March 2013

Ear piercing Infections

Back when I was a teenager, ear piercings were most commonly seen on the lobes. However now-a-days it has become a fashion statement for men, women and teens to have their ears pierced in all kinds of unusual ways and places. In fact, results show that over 86% of people between the ages of 16-24 have more than two different ear piercings – excluding the lobe!

The different ear piercing available today include; Rim, Snug, Conch, Anit-Tragus, Tragus, Lobe, Rook, Diath, and the Inner Pinner. 

When I was younger I had never heard of a single one of these piercing! It is practically common knowledge that piercings can always lead to infection. Hey, as I am writing this blog I am currently suffering infection from a Rim piercing that I got a few months ago.

It is mostly due to the tricky positioning of some of these piercings that bring infection, as people find it extremely hard to keep the piercing dry and clean.

I have also had my lobes pierced 3 times now because I did not listen to the piercer’s instructions. I didn’t used to rinse the piercing in warm salty water, and when getting out the shower I didn’t properly dry it each time. I neglect my piercings which lead to infection.

However third time lucky and I have finally learnt my lesson and kept this on clean and allowed the proper amount of time before changing the ear jewellery.

So from personal experience, make sure you keep all piercings dry and clean as this will lesson your chances of suffering from pain and infection, which more often than not will lead to you having to take your piercing out.

Though, some piercing infections can be caused if the piercer did not properly clean and disinfect the instruments used to pierce your skin.

If this is the case and you get an infection, you should always seek medical and legal advice. For more information about ear piercing infections visit this Beauty Treatment website. They have all the info you need to know and more!