Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Body Piercing Shockers

I have to admit, I have been drawn in by the new explosive craze that is, body piercing! My Dad used to call me some what of a 'rebel', as I myself was no stranger to the piercing chair that has took many victims over the years.

In 2008 alone over 78% of people were having places pierced that I didn't even know existed! And why is that I hear you ask? Well, trend is probably the biggest form of reasoning as to why people today are getting numerous body piercings. Not to mention free expression, personal empowerment, and just simply because they want to.

Glamorization of body piercings in the media has sparked interest in all those that follow celebrity style and fashion. Piercing have became a media sensation, as piercing artist, Jared Isenberg said, “Rock starts and MTV are a big influence on my clients.” .Others seek out body piercings as a way to show individualism (hmm, not sure piercings will make you stand out now-a-days.

What about the risk of infection?
Over time, the NHS service has spent £1.5 million each year due to body piercing injuries. They may look nice, but a lot of care and attention is needed. Our bodies’ natural reaction to a break in the skin is to void the gap by growing fresh skin to fill it. However, in the process of healing, if the piercing is to get infected then the hole will never heal properly, leading to scaring and in some cases permanent deformities. 

These holes in the body are susceptible to accumulating bacteria and infection.The piercer must make sure that all their equipment is pristine before they even think about putting it near your body! If dirty needles or piercing guns are used, bacterial infections can ultimately lead to serious diseases of the blood, including hepatitis B or C, tetanus and even HIV, but in most extreme circumstances, can lead to death. 

My experiences with different piercings

     Age 14 - Time to get my ears pierced!
At that age I was still very immature and did not look after my ears piercings at all. I was constantly play-fighting with my younger brother, until one day- OUCH! One had been ripped clean from my ears! I had to have 4 stitches in my right ear, yet did not learn and now I have them pierced for a second time.

    Age 16 - Belly button piercing!
When I was 16 I wanted to get my belly button pierced, so I did. I did no research into belly button piercings, and it turns out I am highly allergic to gun metal (the type of metal used to make the navel stud that my local piercing studio uses) Three days later my whole stomach swelled up, I couldn’t use the piercing solution to keep it clean because it would burn every time it went near my piercing. I eventually had to grit my teeth and bared the pain of take the belly button piercing out. (And believe me it hurt!) 

    Age 17 - Nose piercing!
So I went back to the same local piercing studio to have them pierce my nose with the same gun metal studs! (I would never learn!) Few days later and the same scenario- it was being taken out due to infection, pain and irritation. (What a waste of £35 that was!) So a few months later I think its about time I gave nose piercings another shot! Within a few hours I has ripped my nose piercing out whilst getting dry after a shower and have left a perminent scar now on my nose.

You would think i'd give up by now!... but no!

   Age 18 - Piercing my belly button a second time!

18 years old this time and I wanted my belly button pierced again. Had the piercing (in a different studio this time- no gun metal in sight) and they did a great job! I was so pleased with the result as I was going on holiday with my friends. Thinking it was a good idea, I went on a mechanical bull ride anddddd.... the piercing ripped straight from my belly button, blood everywhere and I fainted in the middle of a drunken crowd. (Embarrassing and painful) Ended up with stitches, yet again!

Last piercing, I swear!

   Age 19 - Rim piercing!

With my track record of being prone to injury, infection and dodgy piercings you would think I could just learn my lesson. But finally a piercing that has been a success! 

The moral of the story is: Always research the piercing you wish to get, the person that will do the piercing, and decided if it is the right decision for you. Are you mature enough to handle the responsibility of the thorough cleaning?

Customers have the legal right to expect a complete professional competent service from the body piercing professionals. If this body piercing specialist is negligent and fails in their duty to care for their clients health and wellbeing, then you may be able to claim compensation for a 
body piercing accident.