Monday, 10 December 2012

Side Effects of Derma Roller Treatments

Now-a-days, Derma Roller treatments are becoming increasingly more popular in the beauty world. However for some women, this treatment has caused skin damage, injury and infections.

It is very important that your beautician cleans and disinfects the derma rollers properly, as this treatment can carry blood born diseases, as well as the growth of bacteria that can cause disease and infections!

The most serious injuries generally occur when the derma needles are blunt. The sharper they are, the less painful the treatment is. If the needles are blunt this also causes more damage to the skin.

If the derma roller used for your treatment is of poor quality, the cheap metal develops micro hooks under the skin which causes extensive damage and pain to the skin.

Side effects to this treatment include infection, redness, irritation, scabbing and bleeding.

It is important that people know they can make a claim for compensation if they have been injured by a negligent beautician after this treatment. If you have suffered through no fault of your own, you should contact a firm of beauty treatment solicitors who specialise in derma roller injury treatments.

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