Sunday, 7 October 2012

Eyelash Extension Problems – Damage to Natural Eyelash Hairs

Eyelash extensions are becoming a problem for women in the UK, as these extensions seem to be causing great damage to the natural lashes which can potentially cause permanent damage to the hair follicle and even hindering the re-growth of new eyelashes. 

Eyelash extensions are causing such problems because the extensions themselves are too heavy on the eyelashes. This places great strain on the natural eyelash, so over time the weight and pressure will gradually start to pull the lashes out at the root. Likewise, the adhesive used to attach the extensions can cause too much tension on the lashes if too much is applied, therefore resulting in damage to the hair and roots. 

Adverse Reactions to Adhesive Agents 

Women are now battling with the risk of having an adverse reaction to the bonding agents used in the adhesive to attach the eyelash extensions. If chemicals were to get into your eyes this can cause severe swelling, redness, irritation, blurred vision and pain. 

A skin patch test should always be performed 24 hours prior to a treatment to prevent such instances occurring. If a skin patch test was not offered at the beauty salon and you suffer from an allergic reaction, then this is classed as negligence, and you should be entitled to make a claim against them

The Legal Responsibilities of Beauty Salons & How Our Solicitors Can Help 

Despite the lack of regulation of the beauty treatment industry in the UK, salons and beauty technicians are still expected to carry out the services they offer in a reasonably competent manner. If a client is injured because of their failure to do, they may be held to have acted negligently and be liable to pay compensation. For more information please visit this Beauty Treatment Website.