Friday, 5 October 2012

Hair Damaged by Relaxer at the Hairdressers

Hair relaxers are creams or lotions that are applied to the roots of naturally curly hair, making it easier for the hairdresser to straighten and style. Hair relaxers “cook” and alter the structure of the hair by damaging the curls in a controlled way. However the toxicity of the chemicals makes this product the most dangerous treatment offered by hair salons. It is therefore crucial that this procedure is carried out by a highly skilled experience hair stylist, otherwise you could end up with extensive hair loss as well as suffering burns to the most sensitive areas of your scalp. 

Hair Damaged by Relaxer if Tests Are Not Carried Out 

It is most important that with all chemical treatments your hair stylist gives you a skin patch test before hand. This will determine whether or not you are suitable for the treatment. Relaxers can be very potent and the containing chemicals are also used to clean drains and thin paint. Therefore a protective base cream made from petroleum jelly must be applied to the skin around the scalp before applying the harsh chemicals. 

Hair Relaxing Damage Can Cause Hair Loss, Baldness & Scarring

If the hair relaxer is left on your hair for too long it may damage the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss and baldness. Your scalp can blister, scab and become red and irritated, not to mention to chance of permanent scarring! The skills and experience of the practitioner is all that stands in the way of this happening, as they can judge whether or not the hair can handle such chemical treatments. 

Whether a procedure has been carried out incompetently, or a salon has failed to carry out a skin patch or hair strand test prior to a treatment, you can and should make a claim against them! For more information please visit this Beauty Treatment Website, as they have helped me in the past when I have suffered at the hand of a negligent professional.