Thursday, 4 October 2012

Bald Patches caused by Hair Treatments

Hair dyeing and the use of hair extensions are two of the most common procedures in the UK that are causing baldness. Such damage to the scalp can be very emotionally humiliating and painful for women to suffer, so under the UK law, hairdressers are expected to carry out treatment in a professional and competent manner. If these standards have not been met, resulting in hair loss and baldness, they you are able to make a claim against them

Bald Patches Caused by Hair Extensions

Compensation for hair damage cause by extensions is common, as many hairdressers poorly apply these to the natural hair. Often an insufficient number of hair strands are used when sewing in hair extensions, meaning the natural hair will not be able to support the weight of the hair extensions, therefore pulling the hair out in clumps from the root. This usually takes around 5 weeks or so after the treatment has occurred, and could take anywhere between a few months to a few years for the hair to regrow fully. 

Compensation for Bald Patches Caused by Hair Dyeing

Hair dye causing baldness seems to be more common now-a-days, as a lot of hairdressers allow inexperienced junior practitioners to undertake this treatment. The chemical dye left on the hair too long is the most common cause of hair loss. Leaving the dye onto long caused the hair to become weak and brittle, therefore making it prone to breakage. Hair dye or bleach can also leak out of colouring foils and cause great damage to the roots and scalp, as well as a having an adverse reaction to the dye used, which requires immediate medical attention. 

Whether a procedure has been carried out incompetently, or a salon has failed to carry out a skin patch or hair strand test prior to a treatment, you can and should make a claim against them! For more information please visit this Beauty Treatment Website, as they have helped me in the past when I have suffered at the hand of a negligent professional.