Monday, 3 September 2012

Body piercing!

Now body piercing is not the latest trend in today’s society, as this has in fact been around for hundreds of years. But what is trending is the wonderfully strange ways and things people are getting pierced!

It seems that you can have almost anything pierced and some of those places include your; ears, nose, eyebrow, lips, cheeks, navel, genitals, hips, neck and back. Yes, your hips, neck and back! When having your neck and back pierced, what I’ve found most popular is that people tend to thread ribbon through the piercing so they can create a corset like structure on their body. It is very interesting and unusual to see, but all I can thing about is getting those ribbons tangled on something! That is enough to put me off for life!

There are so many risks from infection with any sort of body piercing, as the more interesting and adventurous places people get pierced, the harder it is for them to keep those areas clean and free from infection.

I can’t stress how important it is for you to keep your piercings clean, as I have suffered first hand on several occasions from infected piercings and know how painful it is! Not to mention the scars they have left behind as a permanent reminder!

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