Monday, 18 June 2012

Over-Processed Hair Leaves Woman Looking Like a Scarecrow

A young woman has just recently received over £5,000 in compensation after her hairdresser left her looking and feeling like a Scarecrow. After her hair was destroyed so was her confidence as levels plummeted so much that she ended up being a recluse after beautician tried to turn her brown hair blonde.

The woman, who wishes not to be named, spend over 11 hours in the hairdressing chair, receiving five separate beaching treatments which were all to correct the hairdressers initial mistake of dyeing her hair bright orange. The hairdresser which did all the damage then attempted to convince the woman that her hair looked great, even though there were considerable chunks of hair falling out of her head from being so over-processed. A follicle specialist then advised the woman to shave all her hair off as it would be better to try and regrow her hair as it was far too damaged to repair itself in its condition

Chemicals were used to much on this woman’s hair that it made her scalp so burnt which then caused her hair to become very dry and brittle which then lead to it falling out in larger chunks. When the woman’s hair started to fall out she was forced to wear a hate for 3 months as she was so embarrassed by her appearance. She also become a recluse and did not feel comfortable leaving her home.

It is always essential that you seek not only medical advice, but also legal advise if your hair has been ruined, damaged or if you have been injured. It is very important to have the right team of experts to represent you against your negligent hairdresser

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