Friday, 15 June 2012

Kim Kardashian Bald patches from Hair Extensions

Kim Kardashian reveals bald patch at Paris’s Fashion Week after from overly-tight Hair Extensions. 

Kim Kardashian is an American socialite and model who is known for her curvery figure and pefect long dark brown hair, but recently she has been spotted with a large bald patch, even though she spends thousands of dollars on extensions, that does not mean that they won't harm her hair! By the looks of it Kims natural hair has started to weaken with all the tension from the hair extensions, which has left her in a very hairy situation!

Along with Kim there are many other celebrities, such as Alexandra Burke and Noami Campbell who also suffer due to their extensions. These celebrities are generally abusing their hair, as having it treated and styled so many times will only cause disaster!

Trichologists have stated that hair thinning is mostly caused by extensions, hair treatments and chemical hair dyes, so why are we still doing all of this to our hair?! 

The number of people suffering from bald patches and hair thinning is shocking! I myself have been victim to loss of hair, as I used to wear extensions everyday for about 2 years! After a year of now wearing them my hair is finally starting to grow back, but I was so embarassed by my appearance that I had to wear hats everywhere I went (even though I do not suit them at all!) Don't you think there should be more awareness of the connection between hair extensions to baldness? Because maybe them women will start to pay attention and reaslise that your natural hair should be looked after properly, as one day it may just start to fall out, like mine, like kims, and like a increasingly high percentage of other women!

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