Monday, 18 June 2012

Woman Hospitalised After Hot Wax Spilt at Beauty Salon

A young woman has recently been hospitalised suffering from second degree burns as a trainee beautician spills hot wax down her chest and arms.

The woman, who wishes not to be named, is at great risk from infection with the open wounds on her body. If her injuries are not quickly treated then she would be in serious pain and therefore be subject to even more trauma.

In this case of negligence the woman will be suing the beauty salon for skin burns during a waxing treatment. She has contacted a team of specialist beauty solicitors and they are helping build her case were she should be awarded a good sum in compensation for her disastrous ordeal.

She paid £20 for what was meant to be a slightly painless and harmless procedure, when it turned into an unexpected scalding shock which has cost her a lot more money to correct the treatment as she needs to get skin grafts.

It is really important to seek medial and legal advice if you have been injured at a beauty salon. It is not just severe cases like this that you can claim compensation for so you should always ring to see if you can make a claim... 

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