Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Laser Skin Resurfacing that Damaged the Skin

Laser Skin Resurfacing
A laser skin peel, formally known as Laser Skin Resurfacing, has created upheaval in the world of cosmetic surgery, as it is now considered one of the most sort-after cosmetic treatments in the UK to date. The procedure is said to be safer than micro-dermabrasion and chemical skin peels due to the advanced technology it utilises. 

The process of laser skin resurfacing includes mild radiation from a laser light is reflected onto a patch of skin, normally around they eyes, mouth and cheeks which destroys an outer layer of skin to expose the dermis layer of skin underneath. The laser’s energy will then heat the dermis which encourages a natural production of collagen. 

This procedure is effectively safe when performed by a true professional, yet the dangers lie in how much experience and qualifications the practitioner has. This procedure is both delicate and precise with no room for error, as the laser could easily cause burns, scarring and blistering if it has been exposed to the skin for too long. 

Patients should expect to be treated by fully qualifies and competent staff, then sign a consent form to affirm their understanding of the dangers and issues included. If a cosmetic surgeon has failed to do required medical checks of the patient before continuing, then the patient is able to claim compensation for laser skin resurfacing if an injury occurs. Suing for laser skin resurfacing is what an expert solicitor is able to do for you.