Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Compensation for Laser Eye Surgery Injuries

Laser Eye Surgery
Vision Correction Surgery, more commonly known as laser eye surgery has increased in popularity as both men and women are finding this treatment more affordable as it grows in interest. The surgery creates an alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses for those living with an eye condition, such as long or short sightedness. 

Over 100,000 patients per annum in the UK alone are having this surgery, as it has become some what of a celebrity inspired trend, with personalities such as Tiger Woods to Sir Elton John having this surgical procedure. As the demand for laser eye surgery increases, so does the percentage of people suffering complications caused by negligent professionals and botched treatments.    

A pre-operative consultation is a necessity before undergoing laser eye surgery to spot if there will be any complications. For example, a client will be unsuitable for this surgery if they have an eye condition such as Glaucoma or Cataracts, down to diabetes and pregnancy. Other factors should also be taken into consideration before this surgery, and it is down to the surgeon to conduct such tests before continuing. 

Botched laser eye surgery can have devastating effects for a patient. Besides the pain and suffering of a botched procedure, potential blindness is also a possibility which would affect every aspect of that person’s life! Claiming compensation for laser eye surgery injuries is the least you deserve if you have suffered at the hand of a negligent professional. You have to think, is laser eye vision really worth it when you weigh up the pros and cons?