Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hair Transplant Injuries

Now-a-days men are equally concerned about their appearance as women. Statistics show that over 60% of men are facing the harrowing effects of baldness before they have even reached their 40th birthday. TV personality Gordon Ramsey and professional photographer Nigel Barker have both undergone expensive hair transplant surgery for simple vanity reasons. But is undergoing surgery the right answer, or do you think men should try to accept their baldness and embrace it?

Do you know the extent of a hair transplant? Such surgeries involve the removal of hair follicles from one area and implanting the donated hair into the balding area. £30,000 is a price only acceptable to a small minority of clients, and at this price you would expect guaranteed success, however this is not always the case. It is shocking how many men have had a botched hair transplant, therefore having to face both the physical and emotional damage of such procedures.

If the expensive process of extracting healthy follicles is performed by an unqualified or under trained practitioner, the patient could be left permanently and noticeably scarred. Where scarring is particularly bad, it is often the case that the incision in the scalp has become infected which just emphasises the importance of hygiene in this field.
Hair transplant surgery is conducted under local anaesthetic, so it is essential that medical checks are carried out to prevent any complications. Patients have a legal right to expect that their surgery will be performed in a competent manner. If anyone has received a botched hair transplant or has fell victim to a negligent practitioner, compensation for hair transplants gone wrong is what our expert lawyers can help you claim.