Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Compensation for Hair Loss Caused By Bleaching

Hair loss from hair bleaching
Being blonde myself, I am no exception to the worry of hair loss from bleaching. Of course we all strive for individuality and uniqueness with our hair colour, length and style, but I am left to wonder is it really worth it? Men and Women all over the country are finally opening their eyes to the reality of bottle bleaching, and reflect on how in a short space of time the dramatic effects have struck. 

Do you know what is in hair bleach now-a-days? Hydrogen peroxide and ammonium hydroxide are an acidic chemical mixture that temporarily or permanently damages the hair follicles and roots. When these chemicals react together they work as a stripping agent that breaks down the
Melanin from your hair. (The pigment which gives your hair its natural colour) Once the hair is stripped back to its natural yellow state, the bleach continues to damage protein in the hair. Moisture is wicked away from the hair, leaving it extremely dry and brittle. If this toxic mixture is left on the hair for an excessive amount of time, this is when the hair become very fragile and will start to snap and fall out.

When a follicle has been severely damaged, there is a strong possibility that hair will no longer re-grow. A fully trained hairdresser must be cautious and confident as to how long the bleach should be left on your hair. If they misjudge the timing of the hair in conjunction to how dark your natural hair is, this is when you face a problem and irreversible damage may be done.

It is in the best interest of the client to perform a skin patch test before bleaching the hair. Unfortunately many hair salons fail to conduct this test on new clients, therefore resulting in bald patches caused by hair bleaching, allergic reactions, damage to the hair follicles and chemical burns. Clients have a legal right to expect that their treatment will be performed in a professional manner. If not, then they can claim compensation for hair loss due to such professional negligence.