Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Claim Compensation for Nose Surgery Causing Pain

Colloquially known as a ‘nose job’ and technically known as Rhinoplasty, Nose reshaping surgery is a cosmetic procedure which has bombarded the UK since early in 2009. Both men and women are undergoing this extremely complex cosmetic surgery, where skin from on the nose if removed to expose the bone and cartilage, before manipulating the bone and restoring the skin back to its original position. Once the desired effect is achieved, the nose is taped up and held in position.

Nose reshaping is most commonly done for aesthetic purposes, yet this is not its only use. Many people seek nose reshaping surgery for corrective purposes, for example restricted air flow through the nasal passages. There are a wide range of possibilities, yet they are all limited by the nose of the individual. Success rates for this procedure are on the increase, yet there is still considerable room for human error. Not to mention the general risks and complication involved with the procedure.

The surgeon must provide a full medical background check on the patient before surgery, as in severe cases of excessive blood loss, this can lead to the blood pressure falling to extremely dangerous levels and the patient could suffer a cardiac arrest. However the most common scenario is disfigurement. Further corrective surgery will then be needed, costing time, money and pain. This can also cause permanent damage to the structure of the nose in attempts to fix the mistakes.    

You can claim compensation for nose surgery if the desired aesthetic or functional use of the nose has been compromised. As well as seeking compensation for nose surgery causing pain and the mental pain and anguish, clients also see compensation for the additional costs of corrective surgery because of a negligent surgeon.