Friday, 6 January 2012

Tooth Whitening Accident Compensation

Tooth Whitening is a very common dental request now-a-days, as the "Hollywood Smile" is featured more and more in magazines, newspapers and movies, for example. Celebrities set the trend and of course it spreads to the high street, where everyday people, like myself, are able to get the procedure done but for a little less cash!

A white smile means a happy smile in some peoples eyes, so the craze for tooth whitening is more of an ego boost that an actual dental requirement. Don't you think?

I have written a Lens that highlights the pros and cons of tooth whitening, and of course gave my opinion on the matter, but what I really want to hear about is your views about tooth whitening. I have therefore made a "Duel Debate Module" where my viewers have left me comments and ideas- so why not do the same and get your point across about tooth whitening treatments.

With such invasive chemicals used in the process of tooth whitening, there are bound to be dangers! (Obviously) I have stated in the negatives all the possible dangers if you receive your tooth whitening treatment by a negligent dental practitioner. I highly recommend you use a specialist beauty treatment injury solicitor, if you have ever been injured in this way, as they will be able to give you helpful legal advice, and claim you the compensation you deserve!

Visit this video on tooth whitening injuries.