Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Tongue Piercing Infections

A celebrity inspired trend which leads to a tongue piercing crazy! Over 50% of people are now having various parts of their body pierced from the ages of 16-24. This fad it growing as piercing is becoming more accessible to all the public.

With my lens I have written on Squidoo, it will tell you all the advantages and the disadvantages about tongue piercing. (Can't be biased now can we!) In depth, I have spoke about where body piercing comes from and why people decided to get certain parts of their body pierced.

I have later gone on to speak of the infections that can be caused by a piercing injury or a negligent piercing professional. As well as the means you should go about if you have been victim to such treatments, and what you could be entitled to.

Finally I have told a short story about a woman in recent news, who did not survive more than 48 hours within having her tongue pierced. It is a very harrowing story, yet one that has to be told for the safety of others.

For more indepth info make sure you visit this website where professionals can tell you everything you want to know about piercings and more