Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hair loss from Extensions

Now I am a big hair fan! I think the longer the hair, the better (or , well I used to!)

Hair loss from hair extensions
I started to write a Lens on Squidoo all about hair extensions, how great they are and what wonders they have done for me. Yet when I got round to writing this lens, the effects that these hair extensions had on my hair was so shocking! I could not believe what had happened! All of my initial ideas about hair extensions has drastically changed and I have changed my view on these completly, so I have decided to write about the TRUTH about the damages that hair extensions can cause. And I have started with the dredded "Hair Loss!"

On my Lens, you will notice all the different types of hair extensions possible, and the ways they are put in your hair. I was suggested by my hairdresser the best type of extensions for my hair, and what she thought I would be able to manage easily. So I followed her advice and what did it lead to? Why not learn about my hair damage experience as I have first hand knowledge of how damaging these seemingly harmless hair extensions can actually be!

Now that I am more wise about hair extensions, I like to share my story with other women in similar positions. (Hence, the lens on Squidoo) I have highly recommended you seek a specialist beauty treatment injury solicitor for their advice and guidance if you have ever been injured because of a beauty treatment "professional".

I have a debate module where people have been sharing their views about extensions-so why not give us your insight? Maybe we will all learn a thing or too!