Thursday, 5 January 2012

Compensation for Sun Bed Tanning

Did you hear about the "Sun Bed Epidemic" in 2011? Well results show that over 62% of people in the UK alone are using the sun beds on a regular basis!

There are so many health warnings to do with sun beds which are so common, yet why are people still continuing to use them? (These are the questions you have to ask yourself!)

On my Squidoo Lens, I have highlighted the dangers that sun bed users would face (in bullet point format) along with effects on their health that it would have in the long run. I think it is only best that these dangers are further emphasised so people can minimise the damage done to their body.

Of course there are a few positives to sun bed beauty treatments (however, not many) which I have also listed, because it is only fair!

My opinion of sun bed tanning is greatly influenced by the knowledge I gained when researching the tanning method, as I was due to go on holiday and wanted a head start! Yet, when reading the negatives to sun bed tanning which I have featured on my Squidoo lens, I can not have been more shocked!

There are many ways of getting injured at a tanning salon, and most of the time it is due to negligent professionals! I would strongly suggest that people who have been injured through no fault of their own should contact a specialist beauty treatment injury solicitor for their advice! Maybe then we will be able to stamp out injury from, what is meant to be, an enjoyable relaxing experience.

On my Lens I have added a "Duel Debate Module" where people have been sharing their views and opinions about sun bed tanning. This is a real source of information and knowledge of real life experiences- so why not share have your input?