Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Burnt by Hair Straighteners

Burnt by hair straighteners
Since a hair straightening crazy began in the 1990's, millions of people have been using straighteners to try and achieve a sleek and glossy look on their hair. Back then there were no warnings of the damage that hair straighteners can do, yet they have the potential to turn sleek and luxurious hair into what people now a days call "rat tail" hair. This is when the hair becomes extremely dry and starts to split and fall out. (I bet they didn't mention that on the box!)

The lens I have written is about the positives and indeed the negatives of having your hair straightened. I have also portrayed the truth about what hair straightening can do, and also what a negligent hairdresser can do with hair straighteners in their hand! I had to find out the hard way.

I have highly recommended that people who have fell victim to a negligent hair dresser like myself should immediately seek out expert beauty treatment solicitors advice! It is very important, as people not only have to suffer physically, but also the mental turmoil that follows from such a harrowing experience. The experts will be able to see if you have a case and then claim the compensation you deserve!