Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chemical Burns cause by Skin Peel

Skin damage cause by skin peels
Now when it comes down to a chemical skin peel I get all weak at the knees! The words themselves are enough to make me quiver, never mind having to get one -or even see one for that matter! I had no interest in the beauty treatment procedure, until I made a shocking discovery that made me want to share the effects of this treatment with everyone who would listen!

On my Squidoo lens, I have had to speak about the positive side of chemical skin peels (not that there is any, in my opinion) for all of those people out there who are dead-set on getting this treatment. But I have also thrown in all the damaging side effects and pain that a chemical skin peel can do, if not performed by a beauty treatment professional with many years of experience in this field of expertise.

As you can probably guess from its name, a Chemical Skin Peel is a solution of chemicals which is covered over the face (avoiding the eye and mouth area) and left for a short period of time. Afterwards the skin will begin to peel away from the face, removing the outer layers of damaged of skin. By this short snippet of information, Im guessing you can already start to imagine the multitude of dangers that a client would be faced with if the treatment was performed by a negligent beautician.

On my lens I have shared my friends harrowing story about her time at the beauty salon. She had to not only deal with the physical pain of the procedure going wrong, but also the mental pain! (As well as the pain her purse felt having to pay for the corrective treatment!) She knew of no expert beauty treatment solicitors that could of helped her out, as I would of recommended- as she was not to blame for the injuries she received!

I do know of an alternative which I have mentioned, and although there is still a small risk of danger, I would have to admit it is much better than this horrific chemical skin peel treatment.