Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Claim for a Hair Dye Injury

Allergic reaction to hair dye
The Dangers Related to Hair Dye can be "Dyer!"

On my Squidoo lens (as all the Squidoo-ers these days call them) I have written about the true reality of the dangers that hair dye can cause to your health and your actual head!

Hair dyeing now a days is so common more than 40% of women in the UK alone are dying their hair from the young age of 16. (Now I found that shocking!)

I have written in depth about the dangers people face when it comes to dyeing their hair and how important it is to seek medical advice or have a skin patch test before you commit you whole head of hair to the dye! I think its safe to say you should also seek specialist beauty treatment solicitors for their advice!

I have shared a story about a young girl who fell victim to a negligent hairdresser and unfortunately did not survive her ordeal! A very sad story about this harrowing ordeal, but one that must be told for the safety of others.

I have stated specifically what action needs to be taken if you are considering dyeing your hair, but have also threw in an alternative option that you may like to go see what it is!

Another "Duel Debate Module" is featured on this lens so you can have your say bout hair dye, and share with us any stories or personal views you have about hair dye, whether you think it is a marvellous idea, or if you are also a critique.

So let people understand the way you think about the topic.
Look forward to hearing from you!