Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Male Model Suffers Severe Allergic Reaction at Hairdressers

A 24 year old, male model that had a severe reaction to hair dye at the hairdressers has to cancel his modelling assignment as his hair is falling out in clumps! In recent news, men and women alike are still being subjected to the chemical para-phenylenediamine found in most dark hair dye. This has proven to been the catalyst for so many severe allergic reactions so why are hairdressers still failing to provide simple skin patch tests to their clients?…

How do I know if I am having a reaction to hair dye at the hairdressers?
When the hair dye treatment was applied, the model instantly felt a burning sensation all over his scalp. After alerting the stylist she assured him this was perfectly normal, even after his head began to itch and became visibly inflamed. A few days after his colouring treatment the model’s hair began to fall out in clumps and his scalp had dried and cracked.

What should I do if I had a reaction to hair dye at the hairdressers?
If you have been subject to pain and suffering at the hand of your hairdresser, you have every right to claim compensation for your ordeal. If you have suffered an allergic reaction and no skin patch test was performed, this is negligence and you should contact not only a medical expert, but also contact our team of female solicitors and start your claim for compensation.

Should I contact a solicitor if I had an allergic reaction to hair dye at a hair salon?
Yes. In this case, the salon admitted liability for the damages caused to the model’s hair and he was later offered almost £6,000 for his injuries. Our female solicitors have a sympathetic ear and can empathise with clients as they too have been in similar positions at the hairdressers.

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